Professional services: Choosing the right engineer, architect or other service provider isn’t simple. Getting it right pays huge dividends.  Sometimes local knowledge is key. Other times, experience with a particular method. Whatever the requirement though, we can ensure you have the right people on your side, working together.

Many projects do not require professional services outside of those we have in-house, where we can cover all of the design of any modular or shipping container architecture project. We calculate the loads and foundation requirements and all of the structural requirements within the build, as well as the material specifications. There are though, occasions, where the involvement of other professional services may be required. For example, when adding a new floor to an existing building we would look to involve an independent structural engineer to assess the existing building so that we could then, together, determine the most appropriate way to distribute the new load. Working in tandem we ensure a seamless result enhancing efficiancy and reducing costs.

professional services image from Norwich University

The work for our own office was done in this manner; integrating professional services with the work flow of construction. Fortunately for us, planning had already been granted for an additional storey, so we were not required to apply for additional planning, providing we met the approved dimensions, specifications and layout.

It is a common misconception that planning specifies the method of construction. It does not. So long as all building regulations are met, it is the property owner that decides on the construction method.

With regard to planning permission, some developments, such as a domestic single storey extension, or a garden room or office may not need planning. Some developments with a precedent only require a simple planning application that can be done by a planning consultant.

We can advise you on what will be required for your particular case, and whether or not you will require an architect.

photo courtesy of Norwich University structural engineering dept.

If you would like to see how we added a complete third floor of 2880 square feet to an existing two storey building, complete with the steel frame we designed with information from the structural engineer, click on this photo gallery