Small Garden Office

Garden rooms for any purpose, any finish, with any features you desire. Our order process makes our garden rooms infinitely customisable. Our modular units are available in a variety of sizes. This small unit is only 3m x 2.45m but makes an ideal single person office space or studio. Our clients choose how much to glaze, the type of window, where to put the doors, the electricity sockets, heating/cooling, lighting, internal and external finish, in fact everything.

Starting from a large selection of different sized units, these can be combined to give you a size and shape that is perfect for your garden room. We offer several different types and levels of floor, ceiling and wall insulation, allowing you to balance cost and performance. Electrics are all to British safety standards. The choice of windows includes Tilt and Turn windows with security shutters. Good looking steel security doors are also available so no need to worry about what you leave in there overnight.

Partition walls, bathroom facilities, everything is available. Our units are designed in modular form to give us the flexibility to service the ever changing needs of our commercial clients, who often require living accommodation in inhospitable climates for large work forces. This means although our units are infinitely customisable, the elements are all standard. The result is an individually designed, custom built addition to your home, at a price of a mass produced factory unit.

Then it is simply a question of finish, and here the world is your oyster. Our units are fully weatherproof and do not require additional cladding or roofing, and come in a range of colours. However due to the innovative design, the fixing of a red cedar cladding, or any other form of cladding, including stone, is a simple affair. This can be done immediately or at sometime in the future. No rush, the choice is yours.

For an indication on price, have a look at some examples in our section on Modular units