You have probably seen the architects drawing on our home page showing the care home project Arkitainer are involved with. Unfortunately in a pre-planning meeting it transpired that the local borough councils' planning department had some issues with the architects proposal. The planners wanted more garden space to the street frontage, a pitch style roof, a style more "in keeping" with the local neighborhood, and larger accommodation for the residents, but at the same time an impressive piece of architecture. Even though our clients architects felt the project wasn't worth pursuing further, here at Arkitainer we disagreed. We redesigned the project from scratch, at no cost to our client. Below are some of our drawings, and we are pleased to announce that we are expecting a positive response to the new planning application.


Edinburgh Fringe Festival

One of the leading companies working the world renowned Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The Assembly Group, asked Arkitainer to do a series of projects for them. Our designers, as ever, let imagination have a free reign... The result was certainly impressive and dramatic, as well as cost effective. Time restraints unfortunately meant we couldn't get this in for this Festival; everything we do is signed off by our structural engineers and put together with the highest regard for public safety, which is how we get to do the extraordinary in public spaces. However, next year, if you get to Edinburgh, you will see four containers hanging from the clouds.

Following a request from one of our partners, The designers in our team came up with something remarkable. From the outside, when in transit, the unit looks exactly like the products' packaging... at the touch of a button, using hydraulics, the Champagne box folds out to become a Champagne bar, complete with awnings, Champagne flute under-lit tables, variable lighting, leather coloured furniture, decaled branding, champagne flute chandeliers, and much much more.

Consult, Design, Re-figure, Build...Deliver the exhibition unit, no matter the time frame. Service and quality above and beyond expectation. All at a very competitive price... Arkitainer will bring you quality, design and a team to support all of your needs.

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