This is a fine example of a container construction community project, beautifully made for an awkward plot, embracing container architecture and creating an urban imperative with it’s industrialised presence juxtapositioned against the flowing lines of the Ride space

constructed for Brinkworth on behalf of Nike

Brinkworth, a pioneering agency in London and New York, approached our director Matt Parsons, with a unique opportunity to help resurrect London’s iconic skate park, Baysixty6 under the Westway, on behalf of Nike. Their challenge was to develop a scheme that encouraged a spirit of inclusion and community.

Brinkworth reworked the complete layout of the site to provide the best possible area to skate, while we focused on the container construction community project, improving the amenities offered to enhance the experience for both skaters and non-skaters alike. The new concept ensures that the park will continue to provide future generations with an inspiring place to congregate.

Thank you Brinkworth, we look forward to working with you again.