Arkitainer Rostrum - Established to provide a dedicated focus to marketing and the arts. In essence, putting on a fantastic show.

Product or service promotion, public relations or stageing a music, fashion or theatre event, the team deliver high impact, on target solutions, on budget.

With Arkitainers notable success building off site with shipping containers, and a crew with extensive trade and stage show experience, Arkitainer Rostrum was an inevitability. Creating instant pop up, mobile, multipurpose structures, our design consultants with the Audio Visual Effects team will see your audience leaves with the impression you desire. Create brand awareness and commitment, sell your product or service, or simply blow their socks off... we will ensure you leave a lasting impression.


Well aware of the pressure our clients can be under, we aim to relieve that strain.


Here is how we do it.

Our client's have a dedicated project manager.

Your project manager manages everything from initial consultation to conclusion.

 Your PM will be able to accommodate any changes of idea or schedule as needed.

 Your PM with, Design, Engineering, Audio Visual and Logistics, produce drawings and costings for consideration.

Following revisions your project manager will meet with you and your team to finalise detail.

There is NO CHARGE for the above, whether or not you proceed with Arkitainer Rostrum.  

A schedule of works is produced. Our clients are able to check on progress with their PM, and from an informed position, deliver answers to their teams.

Lastly your project manager will be there to oversee installation.


 for more information on shipping container architecture and how we can help you create a container construction project, or about our exhibition and show department, Arkitainer Rostrum, please contact us for an informal chat and free quotation. 



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