Arkitainer… What does it mean?

Arkitainer represents the cutting edge of design and build. A marriage of shipping containers & architecture, providing cost effective building solutions, whether building a container home or industrial premises.

The shipping container offers the ideal construction method for both contemporary spaces & constructions, as well as more traditional looking projects.

The structural quality of a cargo container offers many real benefits to projects from self build homes to exhibition stands, Pop up marketing and retail to bars and restaurants, garden spaces to spaces underground. In fact the possibilities are endless; home cinemas, swimming pools, offices, art studios, portable hotels, we build them all.

We offer a full design and consultation service, a team of build and interior design & finish specialists, dedicated project management, installation team, as well as surveyors and structural engineers to provide all of the necessary certificates and documentation.

Alternatively, we will undertake as much or as little of a project as you wish, leaving the finishing touches to you.


• The structural frame allows containers to be joined together in various configurations. 

• The sides, ends, ceiling and floors can be removed creating spaces of larger dimensions.

• Several boxes of different sizes can be joined horizontally or vertically, even stood on end providing  endless   possibilities over several stories if required.

• Insulated, they protect from the cold, heat and noise.

• All works can be carried out off site and then delivered and installed, minimizing any on site disruption.

• Portable or permanent, you can have our team dedicated to your project. 

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