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About Us

We provide creative solutions to clients across Europe,
creating buildings that grab attention and hold meaning.

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Our History

The history of Arkitainer – Established in 2013 to bridge the gap between the world of design and architecture, and that of the shipping container suppliers. Years of engineering, structural and design experience were added to the mix, and we began to explore the possibilities. With an open remit to undertake any shipping container design project, we found a need to expand our knowledge. Particular attention was paid to new technology and materials. Relationships with other professionals in a variety of fields, from Audio Visual to Structural Concrete, were established and nurtured. This now gives us a massive palet from which to imagine, design and create, and all the expertise to take any project from concept to completion.

It is the history of Arkitainer and the way that we have grown organically, that is our greatest strength.

Our Vision

  • We are where imagination takes flight
  • We are where budgets are grounded
  • We are where innovation comes as standard
  • We are where experience informs decisions
  • We are where our client is our focus
  • We are where all possibilities are considered
  • We are where practicality resides
  • We are where your vision becomes real
  • We are everything you require



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Some of our factory produced

modular units

simply click the photo for price and specification

Two bay, 6m office unit for sale
Simple Office
19 / 20
Garden Room base
18 / 19
Fully Glazed Display
19 / 21
Simple 3 bay Office
17 / 19
Marketing Suite
18 / 20
Room with covered Veranda
16 / 17
Some Fun Facts about our Office
Sq ft of Open Plan Office Space
40' HC Containers, creating a new 3rd floor
hour installation
£ 75
Average cost per sq ft
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