Modular Extensions – West London – 3 storey rear addition


The popularity of modular extensions continues to grow, and for good reason. Here we were presented with a challenge. A 3 storey extension was required, however, the existing building had Victorian rear additions of varying configurations, as well as more recent additions. The challenge was to create a uniform extension over three floors, without demolishing the existing architecture. By using a selection of different sized modular units, we were able to perform a modular extension, much in the same way as a game of Tetris, making modular architecture the “go to” solution in this instance. It was far cheaper and far more convenient than demolishing the existing rear addition and building from the ground up. We present our 3 storey modular extension.

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Our Office – A completely new floor


Space here in London is at a premium, but there are plenty of roof tops. The comparatively light weight of our construction methods means we can take advantage of this, and so can you.

For our offices we took advantage of the existing structural supports, and by creating a steel sub-frame, transferred the new load directly to the foundations. In doing so we were able to create 2880 sq ft of new office space, of which most is open plan, whereas a traditional build would require large internal columns.

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